Final construction phases for a storage complex with a transshipment terminal of company “LETAČ”

The warehouse complex with the terminal for transshipment of goods “Letač” is ours a new project, which will start operating in the third quarter of 2021. It is a warehouse on an area of 29,770 m2, within which they are located two industrial railway tracks, 391 and 274 m long, intended for storage containers and road goods, with a pull-out track of 97 m. This will be a very key hub when it comes to rail logistics traffic in the region, which is leased to an experienced client from this industry.

In the “Letač” complex, next to the open space intended for storage above, there is an administrative building of 545m2, as well as storage facility of 3560m2.

The facility is located in Indjija, Serbia, next to the main railway station.